Robert Jacobs

Robert Jacobs is a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University. He is a historian of nuclear technologies and radiation technopolitics. He is the author of The Dragon's Tail: Americans Face the Atomic Age (2010), (also available in a Japanese translation published by Gaifusha in 2013), and the editor of Filling the Hole in the Nuclear Future: Art and Popular Culture Respond to the Bomb (2010). He is the co-editor of Images of Rupture in Civilization Between East and West: The Iconography of Auschwitz and Hiroshima in Eastern European Arts and Media (2016), and On Hiroshima Becoming History (forthcoming, 2017). He co-edited a special issue of the journal Critical Military Studies "Re-Imagining Hiroshima" (summer 2015). Jacobs has published and lectured widely on nuclear issues around the world.