2019 Special Focus - Global flows, diversified realities

Maybe due to its relative newness, most of the literature about globalization only illustrates a tendency towards a global flows framework, unaware that this way of accumulation revealed the re-appropriation of local environments. Just like any social change, globalization does not occur uniformly. Additionally, the local dimension resignification does not necessarily obey the strength of this new capitalism, but the human need of association, identifying and cultural preservation. Reality is a social construction and, by extension, always in constantly shifting. Thus, social groups are not immune to Universalist prevailing trends. With that in mind, worldwide dynamics cannot be explained without taking into consideration local manifestations, and the latter have to do with the former. Thereby, Social Sciences cannot continue proceeding from theoretical monotheisms as yet, but by means of transdisciplinary as, since the end of the 70s in the XX century, we are witnessing, much than in the past, the expression of highly diversified and splintered realities under a theoretical and increasing pattern pretending otherwise. The only certainty is that there are not unique procedures and the scientific world should remain open to alternatives remarks and to the different ways in which globalization is expressed.

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