Submitting Your Work

Members of the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences knowledge community create and share knowledge in three ways: at our annual conference, through writing and peer reviewing books and articles for our journals; and in online interactions including Scholar, community newsletters, and our news feed.

Conference Presentations

We accept proposals for presentations at the annual conference throughout the year, with regular intermediate review deadlines. The content of your proposal should address the topics outlined in the Proposal Guidelines, fit into one of the presentation types, and include all requested biographical information. 

Go to Submitting Your Work: Conference Presentations for information, timelines, and step-by-step instructions. If you wish to participate in the community but are unable to attend the conference in person, you may still submit a proposal for article submission.

Virtual Presentations

Virtual sessions are designed for presenters who are not able to be present in person at the conference. Travel, funding, and schedule can sometimes make it difficult for participants to attend the conference in-person. In order to support more inclusive participation, virtual sessions enable participants to present work to a body of peers and to engage with colleagues from afar, bringing global ideas to the local.

We offer two virtual session formats: Virtual Posters and Virtual Lightning Talks. For information on presenting in a virtual session, go to Virtual Presentations.

Journal Articles

We invite scholars and practitioners working in the social sciences to submit an article for peer-review and possible publication in one of the journals in The Social Sciences Collection. If you are attending the International Conference on the Arts in Society, you may submit a complete academic article based on your accepted presentation proposal. If you are not attending the conference, you may submit a paper based on your accepted proposal for article submission.

If your article is accepted after peer review, publication in The Social Sciences Collection requires community membership. If you attend the conference in person, you receive knowledge community membership until one year after the end of the conference. If you are not attending the conference, we offer a stand-alone membership option.

Go to Submitting Your Work: Journal Articles to learn more about this process.


Common Ground Publishing welcomes proposals or completed manuscript submissions of the following: individually and jointly authored books, edited collections addressing a clear, intellectually challenging theme, or collections of papers published in one of our journals.

Go to Submitting Your Work: Book Proposals for more information.

Using Scholar

Scholar is a cutting edge "social knowledge" technology. In Scholar, creators use a beautifully simple ‘semantic editor’ to created multimodal knowledge representations that include text, image, video, audio, dataset—and in fact, any other digital media. Other scholars can provide feedback on their knowledge using specially designed knowledge filters. Here, people can connect and interact with peers and knowledge community admins in free-flowing knowledge dialogues. In Scholar, you can create your personal profile and publication portfolio page and create new communities. You can also post a link to your the page in the Common Ground bookstore for your published article or book. Or, if you have chosen the open access option, you may share the entire article.