Agnieszka Kubal

Agnieszka is a lecturer in sociology at School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. She is an interdisciplinary socio-legal, migration and human rights scholar with area studies interest in Central Eastern Europe and Russia. She is the author of two monographs, Socio-legal Integration. Polish post-2004 EU Enlargement Migrants in the UK (2012, Ashgate/Routledge) and Immigration and Refugee Law in Russia. Socio-Legal Perspectives (2019, Cambridge University Press). Together with Marina Kurkchiyan, Dr Kubal co-edited a volume on Sociology of Justice in Russia (2018, Cambridge University Press) acclaimed by the critics as 'the most analytically sophisticated and empirically rich volume ever produced on the everyday operation of the Russian legal system.'

Dr Kubal's current research The women behind Human Rights funded by Leverhulme/British Academy explores the gendered experiences of pursuing human rights claims before the European Court of Human Rights from Poland. In the past she was awarded research grants by the British Academy, Leverhulme/BA and the John Fell OUP Fund.

Agnieszka's research among undocumented Syrian asylum seekers in Russia together with her involvement in their case before the European Court of Human Rights resulted in a court decision LM and Others v Russia (2016) and a real impact beyond academia: establishing standards of protection of Syrians against deportation in all European countries. This work has received recognition from the UCL’s Vice-Chancellor and Provost Office as it came first in the public vote in the ‘Justice and Equality’ category in #MadeAtUCL campaign for a socially impactful and engaged research (2020).