How Women are Building Feminist Human Security in the Americas

  • 2018-03-29
  • openDemocracy

Many places in this region are effectively war zones – they just don’t fit the model of conventional warfare. Too many women face constant threats of violence from drug cartels, government forces, paramilitaries, gangs, husbands and partners.

Women organisers from across the Americas met in Antigua, Guatemala in November 2017 to discuss root causes of such violence, challenges to peace, and how to respond.

The meeting gathered women working in Colombia’s peace process; searching for the disappeared, and for justice, in Mexico; fighting femicide and corruption in Honduras; defending territory in Guatemala; opposing gang violence in El Salvador; rebuilding Puerto Rico and resisting police brutality in New York.

After three days of intense discussion, a number of key lessons emerged. First: that non-traditional forms of conflict are often unrecognised, unaddressed and misunderstood, though they profoundly impact women’s and children’s lives.