A Collection of Journals

The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Journal Collection consists of nine journals and an annual review.

Why Publish Your Research With Us

The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Journal Collection encourages the widest range of submissions and aims to foster the highest standards of intellectual excellence.

Wide Reach

Available in electronic and print formats, we are committed to expand the visibility, reach, and impact of research published in the journal collection.

Better Reviews

Reviewers are selected on the basis of subject matter and disciplinary expertise, and review scores based on clearly articulated criteria, leading to fairer and more precise feedback.

Participatory Process

We take seriously the "peer" of "peer review." After having work accepted for publication, authors become reviewers, making the journal truly the collaborative work of a Research Network.


We don’t put undue weight on institutional affiliation, stage in career, previous publishing experience, national origins, or disciplinary perspective. If the paper is excellent, it will be considered for publication.


Journal authors, as Research Network members, have subscriber access to the journal collection and book imprint.

Hybrid Open Access

Authors can make their articles freely available via the Hybrid Open Access option.

At A Glance

2,300 +

With over 2,300 articles published, the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Journal Collection is a remarkable body of work (2018).


The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Journal Collection currently has an acceptance rate of 25% (2017)

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